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Middle-mouse button in Galeon2 (CVS)  

Recently, mozilla-1.4 made it to the Gentoo portage tree. What this means, is that when I go to upgrade my system, it wants to upgrade Mozilla to the 1.4 version. This is all well and good, but I only use Mozilla as a dependency for Galeon. Well, Galeon apparently has a hard dependency for Mozilla 1.3. So, it was kind of a merry-go-round there whenever I wanted to update my system.

So, I decided to jump straight to running the galeon-cvs ebuild from breakmygentoo.net. This is a CVS beta build of Galeon2.

I like it allright, so far. But, they broke one of my favorite features. I hate having to hit Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to cut and paste. Thankfully, in the Unix world, this isn't neccessary. Whenever you highlight anything, it is automatically copied to your clipboard. Then you only need to hit the middle-mouse button to paste. That's it. But, I found that when I hit my middle-mouse button in Galeon, now, that it gave me that annoying Windows-style scroll button thingy. Ack!

Thankfully, you can change this behavior. In future versions of Galeon2 it will probably be a Preferences option, but for now you need to run gconf-editor. Then go to apps->galeon->UI->Mouse and change middle_button_action from 4 to 1.

That'll do the trick.


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