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Weird font problem with merged display  

Quite some time ago, I was lucky enough to be given a Matrox G450 video card. This little beauty enables me to connect two monitors to my Linux workstation and spread my X desktop across both of them. I can't live without it now.

However, sometimes I need that other monitor for something else. So, I have 2 XF86Config files (one for two-screen merged displays and one for a single monitor). I just copy whichever one I want to use over to /etc/X11/XF86Config and then I exit my window manager (Fluxbox). This causes X to respawn and it will read my new config file.

This is all working fine, but I noticed that my fonts in my browser (Galeon) would either be incredibly tiny or friggin' gigantic in my new display. I couldn't figure it out. For some reason I wasn't making the connection to my change in X displays. So, I would just change the Min. Font Size in galeon to adjust and think I fixed it. But, the next time I switched to dual-headed or single-headed mode, It would happen again.

Well, I solved it with this little trick.

In my XF86Config file, under the setting for either my merged monitor or my single monitor, I added

Option "DPMS"
DisplaySize 542 203

where those two numbers changed depending on my resolution. Those numbers above are for my 2048x768 merged display.

Here's how you get the numbers.

2048 * 25.4 / 96 = 542
768* 25.4 / 96 = 203

You would substitute your actual x-res for 2048 and your y-res for 768. See, you are shooting for 96dpi.

Anyway, that fixed me right up.


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