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Mailman problems after upgrade  

I recently migrated from apache-1.3.X to apache-2.0.x on my main Gentoo server. This server is doing DNS, Mail, WWW and my one listserv. I am using Mailman to do the listserv. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best mailing-list software out there. You can do all the config from a webpage and your user's can manage their subscription from a webpage as well.

Anyway, after I upgraded from apache-1.3, I decided to make sure that the web interface to Mailman was still working. Hmm... it wasn't. So, I checked out the ebuild for Mailman and it seemed to be built specificly for apache-1.3. So, I just copied the appropriate lines of config from my old setup to my httpd.conf file (Gentoo keeps this file in /etc/apache2/conf/apache.conf). Basically, it's just some script alias lines that make your /mailman URLs work.

Okeydoke. That got the web interface working, but now it said that I didn't have any lists. Eh? I sent a test message to one of my lists and it worked fine. I just couldn't manage the list from the webpage at all.

Well, this sent me to posting to different forums and mailing-lists and generally looking like a jackass until I stumbled on the problem. For each mailing-list that you have, there should be a directory in $prefix/lists. $prefix is generally /usr/local/mailman (it's the mailman user's home directory). But, in the older Gentoo ebuilds, $prefix was actually /var/mailman.

On a hunch, I did a 'locate lists' and I turn up my /var/mailman/lists directory, but I also found /usr/local/mailman/lists. This was odd, because I'd only ever installed mailman from an ebuild. Well, I peeked through the latest ebuild and it seems that Gentoo switched their mailman user's home directory from /var/mailman to /usr/local/mailman at some point. They copy over some of the config, but not the lists.

So, I just copied the contents of my /var/mailman over /usr/local/mailman and I'm rockin' and rolling.


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